About Us

After years of searching for furniture and home accessories that have that rustic/re-claimed, retro, vintage, cottage chic, beachy look, we decided to make our own unique, one of a kind pieces.

What followed was a huge response from people, who like us, were looking for this very look.  The Pine Shack offers 100% Canadian, hand crafted, furniture and accessories that will not only be unique but that you will be able to customize with your choice of colour, size and finish. 

You have the opportunity to buy our products directly from the location that they are manufactured.  If you like, you can pop in during construction of your piece to see the progress. We would love to see you! We are located in warehouse space, where we have a small showroom and manufacturing facility.​

Visit us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/thepineshack  Here you will also see photos that our awesome clients send in once their piece has arrived home.

Catherine and Tom have been in the manufacturing industry for many years.  They both have an extensive background in carpentry and design.  It seemed only natural that they would start a business that they not only knew well, but, absolutely loved! The Pine Shack also gives them the freedom to exercise their creativity as they develop new products.  Please feel free to visit The Pine Shack,for Rustic, and industrial design, solid wood furniture, home furnishings and accessories in Toronto.

All of The Pine Shack pieces are "Inspired By Nature"  and the fact that "Every Tree Has a Story to Tell". Inspiration from the exquisite beauty of wood grain, from Tom and Catherine's  love of being by the water, of summer,  of the cottage. Where summer evenings were spent sitting on the shore, watching the sunset. Their passion with wanting to re-claim barn boards from 100+ year old Ontario barns, and transform them into 21st century, practical pieces, that are also art.  Wanting each of their pieces to be totally unique, and totally express their clients wants.  The beauty of nature has become a passion for them. They want you to feel this same feeling when you step into your home.  All of our items are designed and painted with this feeling in mind. 

Unique and varied Industrial Designs have been added as both a contrast and to show that  the warmth of wood creates a beautiful marriage between nature and industry.


Our Products


We use a variety of natural wood, including pine and other domestic timbers, re-purposed and re-claimed timbers as well as authentic Ontario, re-claimed barn boards.  Everything is hand crafted in our shop in Niagara Falls, Ontario. New lumber is only obtained from sustainable forests with FSC Certification, ensuring environmental, social and economic benefits.

The beauty of nature allows certain irregularities in the wood including knots and grain patterns.  This does not deter from the piece, but simply serves to enhance the unique beauty of each item.

Everything is hand painted using a variety of techniques, including multi layering of paints, natural stains, and natural finishes.  Many choices of colour combinations and finishes are available or we can use your exact colour choice.  Each piece of our furniture is a unique, one of a kind, work of art.

Whether your style is cottage chic, a day at the beach, industrial or rustic, we can accommodate any look.  Each piece is created to your exact size and colour choice. Timing is approx. 4 weeks from order date - depending on the complexity of the piece.